City of Alameda

Alameda is a charming, community-oriented small town with a mind for doing business. Several important factors make Alameda an ideal business location:

  • A reliable supply of clean energy that costs less than PG&E
  • A qualified, skilled and readily available work force
  • A safe environment
  • A convenient and central location in the Bay Area

To learn more about the business climate in Alameda, go to http://www.cityofalamedaca.gov/Business/

Alameda City Hall

Alameda’s Labor Pool

Approximately 1.1 million workers make up the total labor pool within a 45-minute "commute shed" from The Esplanade. This figure exceeds the size of a comparable commute shed from San Jose, covering the Silicon Valley area. In addition, a large percentage of this labor pool resides within easy commuting distance and in the city of Alameda.

It is important to note that Professional/Specialty is the largest labor category in the commute shed labor pool. This category includes mathematicians, computer scientists, health-care professionals, writers, and other technology-related specialists.

City Owned Electric Utility

Electricity: An industry leader in the use of ‘clean’ power, the city-owned Alameda Municipal Power provides electric power that is 80 percent renewable to Alameda businesses along with cable TV, high speed Internet and data transfer, and other fiber-optic services. In operation since 1887, Alameda Municipal Power is the oldest municipal utility in California, and is among the oldest in the nation, either public or private.

Through its affiliation with Harbor Bay Business Park, The Esplanade is served by a fiber-optic network designed to meet the future demands of technology and communications.

The average rate per kilowatt hour of electricity purchased from Alameda Municipal Power is 10 - 15 percent less than the cost from PG&E. Even more attractive to businesses, the utility has a special Economic Development Incentive Discount program. With this, qualifying companies can receive a tiered reduction in electric power costs over a five-year period.

  Year Reduction
  1 25%
2 20%
  3 15%
  4 10%
  5 5%

Alameda Municipal Power has a reliability factor in excess of 99.999% - substantially above the national average.

For more information about electric power or telecom services from Alameda Municipal Power, call (510) 748-3901, or go to http://www.Alamedamp.com/

photo of Esplanade building underconstruction


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